Yard Drainage Systems in Chicago

Why are yard drainage systems important to Chicago homeowners and landlords?

Water that collects in your yard, however large or small your yard is, should be a concern to the property owner. Nobody wants a soggy yard with standing water which attracts mosquitos and looks terrible. It can also become a bigger problem the closer it is to the foundation of the building as it can start eroding the ground around the foundation and start to cause leakage, seepage, and/or actual flooding. With the density of buildings, streets and parking lots in Chicago, there is very little green space to absorb or slow down the onslaught of water in a heavy downpour or a sustained amount of rainfall. Severe rains are happening more and more frequently, and your yard can sometimes become a lake. Installation of a yard drainage system in Chicago is a necessary solution to prevent this flooding and to protect your property from water damage. It is very reassuring to residents of apartment and condo buildings that they can walk on their yards without wading boots and failure to address the problem could have potential buyers and/or renters slogging away from your property.

What is a yard drainage system?

Usually, a yard drainage system consists of a basin which is installed in the lowest spot of the yard, and drainage piping through which the water from the yard drains toward the street. Sometimes the piping is called a French Drain. But any method that keeps the yard from flooding can be called a yard drainage system. Some methods that may work include redirecting the water from the gutters, including into a buried drain pipe to a bubbler at a different part of the yard, installing rain barrels, installing a basin.

It is important to remember that yard drains need to be installed per local government codes and regulations, and have to be designed so that water drainage does not cause issues somewhere else once it is drained from the flooded yard. The best way to approach this problem is to carefully inspect and examine the affected property, and then design a system that will take care of the exact problem your property is having.

Most yard drainage issues are defined by rain water building up near your gutter downspout, soggy areas in the yard, a stream of water that flows to a low spot, or a combination of these. To fix these issues, we will typically look to fix downspout issues, correct slope of ground next to the foundation, install downspout splash blocks or underground bubblers, install a french drain, build drywells to store excess water, and/or install a connected yard drainage systems with a pump.

Who to call to prevent yard drainage problems in Chicago?

When flooding does happen in around your property, or if it is a concern for your future, you should call the company that has proven experience in providing Chicago yard drainage systems for residents. Since 1981, when Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. opened their doors in their original Chicago location, they have been solving yard flooding problems in Chicago. The innovators at Parks’ are always finding new ways to save money for their customers through creative new ideas and their years of experience with these systems.

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