Flood Prevention in Chicago’s NW Neighborhoods Part 3

Basement flooding is becoming more and more prevalent in Chicago and its neighborhoods because of the changes happening in the weather. Chicago is seeing new storms that can produce heavy rains that are very localized and harder to predict. These storms can bring 2 or more inches of water per hour to a given Chicago neighborhood. When that happens, the local sewers, which were not designed for these types of storms, fill up very quickly and overwhelms the local systems. One of the recent storms dumped 8 inches of water on Chicago. When that happens, instead of the water coming from homes into the sewer, the water backs up from the sewer into the homes making for a homeowner’s nightmare. What can be done? How can you protect your property and keep your basement from flooding? Isn’t it time to invest in Flood Control Systems Chicago?

The city itself has acknowledged this problem and has started to work to improve the sewer infrastructure, but there are some 4,400 miles of sewer main in Chicago, so it can’t happen quickly. The city will work with residents to solve localized flooding problems, but a majority of the residents must be onboard for it to work. So, they are asking that residents help keep as much water as possible out of the sewer system during the heavy rains.

It is the same in Chicago’s northwest neighborhoods because they are under Chicago’s plumbing and sewer systems. It should help to know that Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. can be called to help prevent flooding in the first place. A flood control system is like an insurance policy for your basement except that it actively keeps the water out of your basement instead of just reimbursing you once your possessions and basement are damaged. Check out the pages listed below for more information for selected neighborhoods.

Flood Control Systems Norwood Park Chicago

Flood Control Systems Portage Park Chicago

One of the only ways to protect yourself from flooding to install a flood control system in Chicago to protect your home from this pervasive problem. A sewer backflow valve will not allow water to come from the sewer into your home. It works by simply closing when water comes from the sewer into your home.

Flood Control Systems in Chicago can be installed by certified plumbers who are aware of all the nuances of Chicago’s plumbing regulations. Many plumbers offer the service but why take your chances on getting someone who doesn’t’ specialize in these types of systems? Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. has been serving Chicago with quality flood control systems since 1981 and is the innovator in the space. They have patented valves that will keep the water from coming through your pipes into your basement. They are also the most cost effective solution because, as the innovators, they do not only make better equipment but also less expensive equipment. They were even featured on Just Ask This Old House for their flood control expertise.



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