When to Install a Flood Control System

This one is so obvious that you might miss it, so listen up. The time to install a flood control system is before your home is flooded! There, that was easy and it makes so much sense. But, if your home never floods, does that mean you should never install a system? Maybe. Do you go without fire insurance because you don’t think you will ever have a fire? Reasoning like that will surely put you in a world of hurt should there be a fire. Much like flooding, it is much better to be prepared for the worst sometimes. In Chicago, where flooding and sewer backups occur with increasing frequency, there is something reassuring about having a flood control system installed.

People like to believe that flooding only occurs if you live near a river or other body of water. Then, when the water levels rise over the banks, here comes the flood. You might be surprised to know that a Chicago flood control system is needed more to prevent a sewer backup than it is to protect against overland flooding. Chicago’s (and most of the surrounding suburbs) sewer systems can be overwhelmed when the increasingly common torrential rains fall. The sewer fills to capacity and has nowhere else to go except back up the pipes into the house. This is the most devastating type of flooding of all. Raw sewage in your home and it could have been prevented!

Now that you know the best time to install a flood prevention system in Chicago, and you choose to ignore it, then you may find yourself at the 2nd best time to install one. After your basement fills with water. Once you have hauled all your damaged and ruined belongings out to the curb and you have cleaned up the water and residue, don’t let it happen again! Lighting and flooding can hit the same areas twice. Call the flood control experts at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. to get their patented Double Guard Valve installed. Then you can rest assured that you are protected before the next flooding occurs. Even if it doesn’t flood, having a good protection systems is a selling point for your home.



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