Basement Flooding: What to do Next

In the Chicago area, basement flooding is a common problem increasingly faced by residents who are unsure as to what to do about it. Weather patterns are changing, rains can be torrential and coupled with the density of the Chicago area, is making basement flooding more common. People can feel hopeless and depressed, especially if their belongings have been damaged or destroyed. One of the worst situations is when it happens more than once. But the worst scenario of all is when sewers back up and the flood is caused by overloaded city sewers that flow into the home.

Regardless of the type of flooding, either from the foundation or through the sewer, the first thing to do is to figure out why it happened. Was it a downpour that overwhelmed the city’s sewer system causing a backup? Did the water come from an overland flood like a river that overflows it’s banks? Did the water come in through the walls or through a window well? Collect as much information as you can to determine why it occurred, this will be invaluable when it comes to designing an appropriate flood prevention system before you flood again.

Once you have an idea as to the reason, the first physical step is to get the water out of the basement, whether through waiting for the water to recede or by pumping the water out. Next is to clean up which can be done by an outside restoration company or by you. This can mean moving tons of destroyed property out for garbage pickup. It also means checking and replacing moldy drywall to restore a healthy environment in your home.

Once all this has been done, you need to call a flood control expert in Chicago. These are going to be professional plumbers who have specialized in flood control systems and who are aware of your city’s plumbing codes and regulations. They can assess your flooding problem and design and implement a real solution for your home. Just remember to do it right by calling a real Chicago flood control specialist and never go through this pain again! The most innovative flood control experts are at Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., so call them today.



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