Who to Call to Solve Residential Flooding Problems in Chicago

What is a residential flood control system?

A residential flood control system is any way(s) used to systematically reduce the risk of damage to a home or basement due to flooding. This flooding can be from basement cracks, floor drains or floors, through an overwhelmed catch basin, or even worse, up through the connection to the sewer system. This can mean something as simple as installing gutters and or French drains to divert rain water away from a residence, to an overhead sewer system which can stop sewers from backing up into a home when the village or city’s sewer is overwhelmed. Some components may be catch basins, sump pumps, sewer backflow valves, overhead sewers, lift stations, backup sump pumps, battery backup systems for pumps, drain tile systems, French drains, or any number of other methods which are appropriate for a given property. Overland flooding is when water collects around the building and finds entry from without the structure through window wells, basement cracks, or even through doors or windows when the water is that high.

Why are flood control systems important to Chicago residents?

Flooding is a big issue in Chicago. There are no real reservoirs, and with the density of buildings, streets and parking lots, there is very little green space to absorb or slow down the onslaught of water in a heavy rain. Because the city of Chicago has a combined storm and sanitary system it means that every time there’s a serious rainstorm, sewers can backup, and people get water and worse in their basements. Installation of a residential flood control system in Chicago is a necessary solution to protect your property and possessions from water damage. Even though the city has started installing valves to allow streets to back up vs. basements, the streets can become overflooded and cause a different kind of basement flooding to happen – overland flooding.

Who to call to solve residential flooding problems in Chicago?

When residential flooding does happen, or if it is a concern for your future, you had best call the company that has been providing Chicago flood control systems since 1981. Parks’ Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. has been solving flooding problems in Chicago for years and their patented Double Guard Valve is the number one solution in the world. Many companies have tried to duplicate this valve but don’t get it right because they cut corners in production and in installation. The innovators are Parks’ are always finding new ways to save money for their customers through innovation and their experience over the years.